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Free coding day on April 16th

This thread is from 2011, I am not coming this year!


Burchard Park
269 Concord Road, Weston, MA
Exit 26 on I-95 north-bound
Here's a map of the general area
An exact address will be sent to you later this week (privacy issues, don't want to post it in the public)


9AM until park closes
2PM until around 6

First and foremost everyone is welcome. While I will have a list of cars to code that doesn't mean that if I'll finish the list before the day's end I'll go home. Let's not make it just about coding, but rather a full-blown meet! The park that we'll be in on Saturday has tennis and baseball fields. Bring your families too!


1. CrimsonIvy35i
2. kramerica72
3. H4n
4. e92snickers
5. TL
6. Twofast2s
7. Travishksar
8. Ska325xi
9. BMWjames
10. ibeclueless
11. jopa489
12. blueaudi18
13. BZTR
14. ???
15. ???

1. cyphr
2. Watever617
3. sigmachimde
4. twinturboa51
5. hamama3
6. morfinx
7. specracer
8. darkrom
9. Toasty
10. Virtualbong
11. Hadley
12. dwells
13. BoStoNe90
14. pnutty
15. dmaverik9

How much?
Free. Nada. Zilch.
Bring a BBQ grill instead and have fun.


Coding will be limited to pre-defined values (which are good for 99% of people out there) due to limited time and amount of cars to code. I will provide you with a little note with the options and your number in line. You will check what you want and give it back to me. The options are listed below so that you have time to consider.


[ ] Complete windshield wiper cycle when you shut the car off
[ ] Disable seatbelt warnings for driver and [ ] passenger
[ ] Disable iDrive start up legal disclaimer
[ ] Unlock all doors when you remove the key
[ ] Roll windows up/down with keyfob
[ ] Fold/unfold mirrors with keyfob
[ ] Remove amber sidemarkers [ ] also when unlocking the car
[ ] Fog lights on with high beam/flashers
[ ] E90 2007.25+ only - switch DRL's from high beam to AE's
[ ] 2007.25 + only - "euro" double hazard blinkers
[ ] Disable window safety feature (Able to roll windows up with doors open)
[ ] Front and [ ] rear fog lights on when unlocking the car
[ ] Rear fog lights work in tandem with brake lights
[ ] Enable M digital speedometer (non-M cars)
[ ] Enable instant MPG display (M cars)
[ ] Enable changing automatic light sensitivity from the cluster (for those with no iDrive)
[ ] Enable EffecientDynamics shift suggestions (2007, manual transmission only)
[ ] Read [ ] and clear any error codes you might have (and have no idea about) and send the report by email.


Frequent questions:

Q: Will it void my warranty?
A: Probably no. Dealers don't really care for coding as it's not really modifying the car, but rather exploiting its full potential. I brought my own car to service with very obvious coding (front and rear foglights turn on when you unlock the car, M digital speedo, LCI tail lights on 2007 work without errors, etc) and they never said a word. But as they say, "your mileage may vary".

Q: Is it reversible?
A: Not for you, no. I can revert car back to stock in 5 minutes. For you it's impossible without proper equipment and software.

Q: Why does it says that the meet is in Brookline but we're meeting in Weston?
A: Because at the time I wanted to do it in Brookline but we've found a good spot in Weston.

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