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Originally Posted by shiv@vishnu View Post
Without seeing the actual dyno graph, I'm willing to bet that your car went into valet mode in the middle of a run. This is the one issue with running a boost setting that is equal to your max boost setting. If boost exceeds the max boost setting by 1psi for longer than 1 second, the Procede will go into valet mode. And on the dyno, when you lug it from a low RPM, in a high gear, just this can happen. You can get around this by increasing the boost delay user adjustable value or by increasing the max boost value.

The other problem your dyno operator had was that he didn't know not to press past the throttle kick-down switch. When he did this, the car would downshift. This is why he thought your transmission was slipping. Once I explained this to him, that issue was solved.

I'm actually on a dyno right now as I type this. I'll be writing up a "How To Dyno Your N55/N54" tutorial just to avoid these issues in the future.

BTW, our n55 with our DP and home-brew 3" exhaust is putting down:

353whp/425lbft at 15psi
342whp/380lbft at 12psi

Pretty easy formula and will be explained later tonight...
Shiv, do you have any exact recommended settings for the boost delay and max boost if this issue occurs?

If we set the max boost to more boost then the 14psi you are telling us to run now on the N55 wouldnt it make more, essentially whatever we set it to? Is there anyway to set it to say Max of 16, but only run 14? Slightly confused on what you are trying to say here.