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Hey Shiv, just got my PROcede yesterday via UPS. It was shipped on the 25. Just wondering if mine has v 1.45. I'm asking because i had to go to the docs with my girl yesterday and did not have a change to open it. It's litteraly sitting in my bedroom waiting for my car to come back from the dealer (today maybe) so i can install it this weekend.

BTW. I went to your web site and downloaded the video on my mac. It downloads as mp4.txt... so after i downloaded it, i changed the extension. I erased the .txt part and kept the .mp4 and then it was ready to play.

Thank you for the product. I bet it will be great as many say, and i felt it for myself on a members car. you have a great product and i appriciate the time you put to making this product not only worth the money because of the power, but aslo the safety with not messing anything in the car on a long run. me personally, i purchased my car, and long run i'm pretty sure this product will do just fine.

Thank you!