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Originally Posted by Tzu View Post
Is that your 300 SRT8 in your sig? My buddy did cams lifters springs and rockers, pretty much the whole head in his SRT8. I thought that car idled poorly (similar to our cars) stock, after cams that thing felt like a drag car with such terrible idle. But man did it PULL.

I don't think I'd do it if it was my DD.
yeah, i handed it over to my wife after i got the BEE-EM-DURBERER.

it will be a baby cam

my buddy can turn his car over in the morning and it idles fine. he can actualy go to stop signs and stop lights without the car wanting to go to sleep.

he has the biggest "baby cam" he can get with stock pushrods, lifters, springs, etc

he's just got the stick, but that thing pulled very nice up top - it was breathin like a beast !!!

i'm sure he was making about 40-50whp under the curve - and he gained about peak 60wtq