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FYI As per my similar thread.

So, what seemed to be for all intents and purposes, the DREADED DSC pressure sensor failure that alot of people seem to be getting lately.

Was fixed by replacing a lower arm in the suspension of my car to the cost of 34.

Part replaced, very minor bend in the part that was removed, car tracking arrow straight now, no alignment required and after 10 minutes of driving all the error lights went out.

Yes, these cars are FAR to clever for their own good.

Especially seeing the ludicrous amount of potholes rocking round the roads these days.

Im quite sure that BMW would gladly have inserted the largest arm they had into my colon if I had went in with that one.

That doesn't mean it wont cock up a few weeks down the line knowing my luck.

Just thought I'd give you a heads up on that one.

Check all the geometry is right when this combo of erros shows people!!!

All in all, a BETTER day!