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New N55 Tune - JB+ Quick Install! - Updated with Install Video

Great news for the N55 Community!! Something I have kept under wraps for a while but now I can officially announce it and provide you some details. Exciting news

JB+ for the N55!


Hey guys,

This isn't the Stage2 many of you have been asking for. But believe it or not we actually get more requests for an N55 quick install tuner than we do for Stage2. So we've been developing and testing this over the past few weeks.

I finally had a chance to do a little dyno testing and I have to say I'm quite impressed with the results. The power gains are very similar to the JB3 Stage1 only install time is reduced to seconds. The device attaches to the MAF sensor which sits right in the center of the engine bay. It literally takes you longer to open your hood than it does to install this. Will make a video soon.

For the testing we did a fresh baseline and then a few JB+ runs with the results attached below. The best part is the DME is aware of the true boost values without triggering tuner codes. So you get perfect OEM quality mapping only with 2-3psi more boost. Because the DME has the true boost values you can now use a BMS CAN Tool to accurately monitor boost in dash via the OBDII port. It also has a small dial for fine tuning. Very cool! Attached is a video of a stock run and tuned run for boost comparison.

It does not have lagfix like the N55 Stage1 so it's a little less responsive down low. Instead it's smooth and OEM like. And when you get on the gas the extra power and torque is very noticeable. Overall it's a nifty product. Retail price is $279 and we're looking for beta testers.
Here is a dyno showing the gains. Completely stock car on 91 octane

Some Videos

A glamour shot


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