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I did this fluid change last weekend - my level was getting close to the min mark - just a couple of things to add:

It's messy, be prepared. I suggest putting a sheet of cardboard down to catch the fluid that misses the pan. Best to do when the fluid is warm, go for the 10 min drive before.

When draining, I turned it to lock, wait for the fluid to stop, turn to other lock, and repeat about 8 times.

When filling, bleed the air from pump and lines first. Fill to about max (highest ridge) mark on cap, it took about 500 ml (and 800 ml when finished), turn engine on for a few seconds, turn off, fill and repeat. Once it stops taking fluid, then turn engine on, and turn wheel lock to lock a couple of times, turn engine off and fill res. (I did this with the front wheels off the ground to take any load off pump and rack.) Do it once more about 5 times lock to lock. Once it's on the ground and level, adjust fluid level to the max mark exactly.

After the first proper drive, the next day when the fluid is cold, check the level again - mine did not need any more. Do not do it when the fluid is hot, as it will read high.

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