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Originally Posted by Nikkahtropolis View Post
Can't I just eat healthy and stick to lean proteins and veggies while cutting out most sugar and starches? I just want to hit 10-11% body fat with a solid frame.
It's not just about "eating clean" man. A balance of P/F and if you like CHO while hitting a reasonable caloric defitcit will cut weight.

Yes, it really is that simple.

Originally Posted by MrBlonde View Post
You do not need keto to get good results. Depending on where you are at with your training and condition you can just alternate building and cutting phases using a well balanced diet.

I'd suggest 12-18 weeks of building with 6 weeks of cutting. Do some reading on the bodybuilding forums.

This. Also be weary of who you listen to.

If you come into the Nutrition Section, please READ THE STICKIES!!! Can't stress this enough.