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Originally Posted by only1 View Post
Sounds good. Any chance you can get some drive by video id like to hear it at part and full throttle driving.
Did the resonators take away any of the exhaust note? I have ar catless downpipes with the bmw pe and i dont want it to change i just want to remove the secondary cats.
I was in your situation exactly. I had BMW PE and catless downpipes and then replaced the secondary cats with straight pipe. OMG. After you remove the secondary cats you will notice that the exhaust will become at least twice as loud, with an extremely bad rasp which wasn't apparent with the cats on. When you start the car the metal sound is unbelievable. You NEED the resonators. They will put you back where you were when you had all the cats on (including stock downpipes), as far as loudness. Maybe a tad louder. It will be less loud than your current setup, maybe 20% quieter. The sound detail is preserved (minus the rasp), but the camera cannot record sound properly to show it.

I bought the resonators from eBay, just type "vibrant 1792" and select the cheapest price. There is a very slim chance to do a drive-by, I don't have anyone to hold the camera (gf is sick and I don't really hang out with friends)