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Shops I recommend:

Mod Industries (used to be Euro Sport). E92M work: Installed my springs, CF trim on outside of car, CF stuff on inside, installed my front lip, and mounted balanced tires. E46M work: Installed coilovers, mounted balanced tires, installed exhaust and other stuff I dont remember. He very courteous and does not charge a whole lot. He finally hired someone to help him out but he works primarily by himself so you always know the guy working on your car knows what he is doing. He also sells smart wax products.

Island Brake and Alignment. The did a great job of alignment on my car quickly and did not try to rip me off.

JS4KIX. The shop looks extremely ghetto but th service is not. They did a great job of installing my springs on the E92M and discovered an issue that I had after spending alot of time investigating it. EXTREMELY reasonable rates and they will stay late to finish a job. They are also more cautious than most places.

Shops I do not recommend:

Lex Brodies. I am not going to go into this. They are rude in each location I have gone too. They usually say, I can't work on your car. If they do work on your car they will ask you to do some of the work for them because they are scared or just let it sit for hours until you offer to help, no kidding. They incorrectly balanced my tires and then said it was an equipment issue. I took it to Ron's and they fixed it and laughed at Lex's.

Mod Bargains. Offered me a discount to brag them up. After my parts accually arrived about three months after ordering, I had fitment issues with the hood and the resin went bad.

Shops that I think are likely/have gone bankrupt:

Revolution Motor Sport. I had them try to install a coilover kit for which they claimed they knew everything about. They said 4-6 hrs. After 5 hours of sitting around there, told me they were nowhere near done and could offer me a ride home and back when it was finished. They called me four hours later and a reluctant worker picked me up with one of his coworkers. On they way back they talked about how customers should have to pay extra for pickups and that they were missing out on being out on the town. This was done like I was not even in the car. Once we arrived everyone was gone and there was no one that knew anything about how the install went. I looked at the car and the front had an approx .5" drop from the 1" I had requested. The rear had at LEAST a 4" drop It was down to about 1.5" from the center cap. I laughed and said WTF. They looked puzzled and said they knew nothing about it and I would have to drive it out of their parking lot and that I could bring it back after the weekend. They were to busy to see me until later that next week and in the mean time the control arm just fell off. I noticed this after loud thunking from the back. They later explained that the bolt they used "slipped through the hole", WTF. There is no way. After this was all said and done they told me I would have to pay extra because it took more time for them to fix the issue. I said you jacked my susp up and you expect more? After this was all said and done he told me my kit was bad and told me about all the better kits they could get for me and install. He was right. After going through them my kit was ruined, blown dampner, and I had to get a new kit.

Yoshida and Sons. There are a few companies under this LLC. Brandon Yoshida owned Island Car Audio and managed to run off with approx 10K in my electronics and a 1K deposit besides holding my car for many many months. By the time I returned from sea and had a chance to sue him he had already been drained and it was not worth the court money. Heard through the grape vine that he is going to be starting another business, beware. His family also owns more companies in the area. Also, nothing against his workers because they "felt for me" when asked to testify in court but if your boss tells you to take someones part and install them in another guys car would you do it? These guys are still doing installs and I am sure that some of you know them.

Happy modding and good luck.