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Originally Posted by web1b View Post

Does anyone know of something like this (a different brand/model) that can be left under the armrest plugged into the aux port and the under armrest power or USB port to charge and will keep working while it charges? Ideally it would be specifically designed for use in a car, come with a car charger and power off automatically when the power is cut.
RIM's Blackberry Stereo Gateway. Use it with my iPhone - works great. (a previous poster have said) Use a micro charger plug in my armrest, cable to aux. Comes on with car, turns off when car powered off (it has no battery). Works great. Uses a standard mini-USB power cord. Runs about $40 from Amazon / or eBay.

Belkin also makes some similar devices, I have not used any of them:

Belkin Aircast Bluetooth In-Car Adapter - looks cool - a cigarette lighter plug that does stereo and calls via aux. Looks like a good solution for using an iPhone as a GPS/streaming music and still get calls. I find this appealing because you can move it form car to car - great for when traveling (until I leave it in a rental car). I'm going to give it a try.

Belkin F8Z492-PBluetooth Music Receiver - looks similar to the RIM device. Not sure what power adaptor it uses.

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