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Originally Posted by Technic View Post
I will say this one last time... coding better be free as the NCSExpert software is property of BMW.

One thing is downloading a copy of NCSExpert -that most probably was posted in the Internet illegaly- for personal use or even to help others, another thing is making a buck out of something that was illegaly obtained.

Now if coding is part of a real job or a service -retrofitting a module for example- then charging for the job itself is completely acceptable, IMO.
+1, it's one thing to charge for coding if you are using an Autologic or something similar, those things cost well over $10k and are the result of hundred if not thousands of hours of reverse engineering.

Originally Posted by chudak18 View Post
Any joe shmo can code. All you need is the cable and an internet connection so you can google e92 coding and follow a few directions. Helix charges to keep the doors open and bring the members at e90post the products that they do. 50 bucks is cheap, not even a full tank if you think about it. Plus dealing with a pro shop and a back yard coder are two diff. things and can lead to two diff out comes. I'm not bashing on mofo but he is killing the market for our vendors and unless he can start providing free engineered hardware units for the N54 he's only softening the market.... =[
and killing the market? please... that's like the dealerships and indy shops complaining that that some guy writes a repair DIY and posts it online for others or a guy who uses that information to help people fix their car for free is killing the service market. People always have the choice, have someone help them for free if it's offered, or pay a fee to some vendor, which other than a handful, have no more advanced knowledge than the guys who's offering it for free. (And in most cases is getting their information from all the people doing it for free)

There are great vendors on the board, like the Patryk and the guys over at bimmerretrofit that currently have unique solutions that only they can provide which are the results of hours of research and development. Their solutions will eventually become public knowledge and they will find other unique solutions to market. As is the way of the world in the information business, which is basically what this is.

Personally, I plan to help people in the Nashville area for free, even though I've spent at least $1000 in equipment alone already (cloned OPS head, true power supply, will eventually save for a full ICOM setup after my wedding, and buying a J2534 interface for passthru work.).

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