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Originally Posted by chudak18 View Post
Any joe shmo can code. All you need is the cable and an internet connection so you can google e92 coding and follow a few directions. Helix charges to keep the doors open and bring the members at e90post the products that they do. 50 bucks is cheap, not even a full tank if you think about it. Plus dealing with a pro shop and a back yard coder are two diff. things and can lead to two diff out comes. I'm not bashing on mofo but he is killing the market for our vendors and unless he can start providing free engineered hardware units for the N54 he's only softening the market.... =[
Actually, I'm surprised a pro shop would do coding unless they had the BMW equipment. If something goes wrong they could be looking a footing a very expensive repair bill; not to mentioned BMW might be upset with someone commercially using the software w/o a license.

I have no issue with a shop charging - they have to make a living but the downside seems large for them.