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You're flying blind, like zsapphire7 said you need to invest in a code reading tool. BT will go way beyond any regular OBD reader, at a cost.

2 weekends ago I had to pit in on 3 of the 8 sessions due to limp mode, none of which were oil or water induced. Ambient in the 40s. Let us know how it goes, the codes will stay there till you find a way to clear them.

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Saturday track event turned into a crappy day…..

In the past the oil temp used to reach 290-295 degrees and I had an occasional limp mode at Sebring so in January I installed the AR Design Oil Cooler. At my first event this year ambient high temp was about 65 degrees and the oil temp never went past 280 degrees so I was quite pleased and could not wait to get back out on the track again. This past weekend the car went into limp mode already during the first morning session while the ambient temp was about 68 degrees and mid-day when the temperature was about 80 degrees I got about 3-5 laps from each session before it went into limp modes. The oil temp was however never more than 280-285 degrees.

Is there a way to check any error codes what caused the limp mode? Could it have been the oil temp that caused it even though I never saw it go past 285 degrees or was it maybe the water temp?

My car is out of warranty but I am taking it to the dealer next week for HPFP Recall and hope they can see what caused the limp modes.

Any help and advice is appreciated.

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