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well originally i put an ED order in for Jan 9th. but i had some schedual conflicts so i asked my CA if it could be moved up and now Dec. 21st it is! holy a complete slacker i havent made any plans seems everyone already knows to the teeth what theyre going to do. okay so since i have the SP im guessing im going to have the summer tires... so what did you guys do about driving in the snow with SP? should i bring a chain? and how far is E.H. Harms from the BMW plant? is it hard to get to? man i dont even know what kind of cloths to and a snow jacket? wow. im completely lost but happy i guess its Christmas in Europe for me this year! heres my tentative plans if anyone is doing ED during this time frame:

-Fly in to Munich by 19th or 20th depending on which flight i choose
-spend day in Munich drinking beer and eating sausages
-ED date of 21st
-Pick up car on 21st and drop of at Harms (i know im gonna get flamed for not wanting to drive on the autobahn but its mid winter on summer tires! and trust you me this is not my last ED...hopefully doing one next year when i trade in my 330i for a 335i )
-catch a train to Switz.
-spend time eating chocolate and being neutral in whatever i may please to do while drinking a beer
-catch a train to Italy to spend Christmas maybe at the Vatican
-Try not to get caught staring at Italian women by my GF and of course eat a margarita pizza and drink beer
-Fly back on the 28th
-Get home and kick myself for not driving on the autobahn and drink a beer.

so whacha think? any recomendations about ANYTHING (hotels, resturaunts, trains...ect) would be of much help. man my head is spinning thinking all the things i have to do before the 19th...


yeah sorry for the long post