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Originally Posted by lostomni View Post
Man I am glad i saw this-
I have this leak also. I was trying to find the cause of the build up of grime on the front of my block.. then i took a mirror and wouldn't you know it, all grimed up under the coolant hose just like you said. there was some fresh oil, but mostly thick grime. The nice thing is my car uses/loses very little oil, id say 1/4qt every 5k (knock on wood), so I now its not leaking a ton. Now I have to find a weekend to do this. Ordering the gasket now, is there anyone in SoCal that wants/can help : ) Mr.5? lol
I'm in SoCal. How far are you from me? Still a question on torq because originally told 22Nm and now told 19Nm... I used 22Nm when I retrofitted...