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Originally Posted by Clap135 View Post
How bout the good stuff? Stage 2 eta? Stage 1 is nice and all, but its also slow
Workin' on it! I can say that it doesn't look like there is a ton of headroom in the cars with just a TBE. We can push the cars harder down low but end up being met with toasty intake temps in the upper RPM ranges...the factory FMIC is just not up to par. TBE+FMIC (Stage2+FMIC) will be where the fun lies

Originally Posted by roninsoldier83 View Post
They'll have ATR software out eventually (I'm sure it will move quicker now that this hurdle is out of the way), when it's released, you'll be able to tune it/have someone tune it for you, anyway you like

Just a thought
Originally Posted by blisstik View Post
How about offering 2 different stage 1 maps that offer different throttle mapping?
We are looking at options for pleasing as many people with our OTS maps as possible, which may include multiple revisions. Throttle feel and mapping is much like politics in that it's very difficult to please all people...50%+1 and you're a winner, 50%-1 and you're the heel. Roninsoldier is right on the money though....with ATR, you'll be able to dial in the exact feel that you prefer. The MazdaSpeed community has a very high number of ATR users as those drivers tend to have very particular preferences for throttle mapping.