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how often do you check your oil?

i religeously end up checking mine every other day just out of paranoia really.

just in the past having had ' tuned performance engines' in other cars which i paid much moola for, i was always checking the oil.

the last thing i wanted was having paid 1500 quid for an engine not check the oil and they run the thing dry.

Same with the 335d engine, a great engine which performs so well, i really dont want any mishaps with it..

anyone else check there oil regulary??

a few people i know who have new cars never check and then just wait till its used a load of oil and the pressure light comes on then they check after its too late and the damage has been done only to overfill the thing and stress the engine even more....

im sure many new onwers are liek this just hope alot of bmw owners arnt?!