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Originally Posted by clairvoyant View Post
Now you get me hooked on Panamera. I actually test-drove one in Long Island,. Loving it...too bad it doesn't come with a manual tranny.
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Just drove the 335xi 6MT back for 20 mins

Then had to head back out and took the Panamera...mannnnnnnn it doesn't have 6MT but it is butter smoooth and just pure feel like you're in an ergonomically correct and smooth chariot. One word describes the Panamera: smooth...butter smooth.

335 6mt is fun for 20 or 30 mins...Panamera is the car you want to live in for proper can be quite fun with DCT once you know how to use Double need to shift up before the tach actually hits the desired rev number otherwise you over rev. Shifts are lightning quick in sport mode, giving you butter smooth and quick acceleration. Short gear ratios help too.