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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
I guess you were missing my point. I wasn't necessarily saying that you should get the BMWPE over a Magnaflow - just used it as an example of a nice sounding exhaust that uses the resonator delete.

What I meant was, instead of buying that entire system that includes a resonator (which you already have) - buy the Magnaflow muffler #14815 for $150

I mean, why pay for yet another resonator when you already have one?

You'll have to pay a muffler shop to cut off old muffler, make a short piece to fit the MF muffler to your exhaust pipe & weld - usual cost is around $50

The also pay same shop to install a 'Y' pipe in order to delete your factory resonator - might be another $50-$60

So now you have a Magnaflow muffler with resonator delete for $250-$300

Much cheaper than the $800+ for that system you looked at, same quality MF muffler + resonator delete

And if you don't want to get rid of your factory resonator - just install the MF muffler and save yourself another $60...
will that magnaflow universal even fit the 328xi? i know my muffler is a lot wider on mine than the picture shows for the universal one. thanks for the help.