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Originally Posted by COBB Tuning View Post
Don't think of it as a limitation of the ECU but rather a limitation of the mechanical configuration of the engine. The engine can only handle so much airflow with the parts it has. So if you overrunn the intercooler, you can only run so much boost before you are just heating the intake air. Same thing for the turbocharger, it will only make so much power before it exceeds it's efficiency and you either have to pull back or increase the size of the turbo.

So while the turboback gives you the ability to make more power, the stock intercooler is a choke point, so it must also must be upgraded to support the increase in airflow and boost. Please let us know if you have any more questions or concerns!

COBB Tuning

Thanks. That clears it up. Guess upgraded FMIC is next on my list, or should I get an oil cooler first? Still probably going to get the tune first before all, though. I'll keep it at Stage 1 if anything for a while then up it to Stage 2 once I have the cooling in order.
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