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Originally Posted by Willizm View Post
There is a flaw in that though. It seems as though it's quite often that there will be a firmware update that requires you to unistall the ap from the car first before doing the firmware update. Not really a big deal if you don't mind checking on a laptop and then holding off on doing the update to run down to your car and uninstall, then run back to you laptop to update the ap.

I just try to keep my eyes on this section for new cobb updates. I'm not sure if there is a part of the cobb site that has firmware updates, nor if they are as up to date as what we would see posted here.
We have only required an uninstall-reinstall cycle once for the BMW platform and should rarely ever need one in the future. I apologize for the inconvenience that process creates and we'll make sure to do our best at avoiding the need for it in the future.

For our "stable" platforms (those supported by normal release firmware), we generally recommend people who do not follow the forums or our website/blog to check for a update (not beta) using AP Manager once a month or so.