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Hello all...New here

I have a 2006 330i, Alpine white...yadda, yadda. Short story is that I bought this originally on lease and my GF bought it as CPO. Car had to be towed tonight to BMW servicing due to the electric water pump taking a crap. Anyone else have any issues with this?

Good news is that this part is covered by the CPO warranty. $52 shop handling fee and we'll be on our way.

My question to all of you is maintenance related. Since the car is in service, I inquired about having the oil changed. What I received was a quote for $215 but also should have the following items taken cared of:

1. Fuel Injector Cleaning = $485
2. Air Cond Filter = $175
3. Scope (to reset service indicators, etc.) = $220

Total for everything = $1,145

What's your opinion on these items? Lastly, can't I change the oil myself and save $$? Sorry for the crazy questions, I just would like to get all of your opnions and suggestions.

I personally work on my own cars currently owning a 2001 Bullitt Mustang (currently for sale - $15K OBO) and a 2006 Audi B7 Avant. I'm a member on Audizine (Billy is the only person that I know on

Appreciate your insight and please forgive my ingnorance. I'll admit, I got lazy with the BMW when I owned it firsthand as the maintenance program was so epic (oil changes, windshield wipers, anything & everything).



Here's the Bullitt:

And the Daily Driver now: