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Originally Posted by jhondas2 View Post
Just did mine today. Royal pain in the ass. Seriously. Dont have a DIY but here is the jist of what i did.

3/8 rachet
reverse torx socket set. Need about 3 different sizes so buy a set.
torx socket set need 2 sizes
10mm socket
6 and 3 inch extentions
swivel attachment
valve cover gasket
new valve cover bolts

*plan for around 4 hours
*Remove bmw engine cover
*Remove all plastic by the microfilter including the base
*remove the passager side strut bar
*locate the 6 coils packs
*pull up on the black tabs on the coils to release the wires
*pull the coil packs out
*unbolt the black wire holder, then remove it completly from the wires and move the wires to the side.
*remember where the grounding strap goes, there is only 1
*you do not need to remove the spark plugs
*unbolt and remove the round valvetronic thing(lol) in the middle of the valve cover 2 bolts on top 1 bolt below
*unsnap the crackcase vent hose on the back side of the cover
*unbolt then unsnap all the fuel injector wiring and move to the side
*remove all the valve cover bolts..rear ones are a royal pain in the ass
*drink some beers and be proud you are almost there
*wiggle the valve cover out--another royal pain in the ass
*Drink more beers to cure frustration
*remove old gasket
*clean off the valve cover and the head where the valve cover sits
*put the 2 piece valve cover on
*put all the junk back together using 89 in tq
*job well done

Did you have any trouble putting the Valvetronic back on? Is there a chance to mess up the car by taking it off?