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Ayyy another one of these M3 vs 335i thread...

Fact and matter is, M3 is 7 years old technology...and back then, it pretty much the quickest car within reasonable's standards, it is mediocre...

Handling wise, don't even make ASSumptions unless you've owned an M3 before and have taken it to the track...

Let's compare it this way, a 335i handling to an M3 handling is like comparing a stock 335i to a PROceded 335i in power....the change IS that drastic...

Now let's upgrade the 335i with PSS9 and Sways and LSD...ur at best, a Turbo Tuner 335i now..

this comparison make any sense?

Back to M3 will need a lot of mods to beat a PROceded 335.

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