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Originally Posted by duffinvestor View Post
I know I have a 5 series (530d GT) and this is a 3-series forum but I had to post my experience. Brand new car, sitting on driveway, alarm goes off and we find the sunroof has exploded outwards like a Volcano. Nothing inside car to show impact, nothing outside to show something bounced off it. No trees or similar near car. Bad luck, maybe.

But the dealer quoted 800 to replace the glass, and then later in the week another member of staff (who did not know we had a quote already) quoted 4,200. I queried this and he tells us that they need to replace the whole mechanism. Sounds like a design flaw to me!

And surely we should have been told that the sunroof option included a risk that we would have to pay 10% of the value of the car if it broke.

Is this a BMW wide issue, or just my dealer!
Any chance you can provide weather information...

Temperature ?
Was the car parked in a shaded area or direct sunlight ?
Did you have the interior shade open or closed ?
How long since the car was last driven ?

thanks for the answers

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