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Coming from an E46 to a new car I thought it would be smoother

I was able to hear the sound click on a previous page but not the original thread starter. The only thing I hear on mine is typical BMW valve noise like it doesn't have enough oil but its full. I've been keeping an "ear" out for any noises like the sound clip but my car only has 120 miles on it. Everything appears normal so far.

Also seems like a BMW thing that the engine bay runs very hot. It was raining the other day and steam was coming off the hood, looked weird compared to cars around me.

DCT is all right. I wish they had a little more control over wheel slippage like a sport 1 and 2 button. At this rate I'll be changing tires every year.

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Just got my dct IS finally. Love it! It also makes this feint pulley or idler sound when sitting at idle. Has there been any further intel on this?