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Originally Posted by SCoast View Post
Recently my November 2008 320i ES suffered engine warning light illumination, juddering as if the car was driving on a corrugated surface, and loss of power. I was on an A road at the time so fortunately was able to get to the hard shoulder without an accident.

BMW Assistance directed me to a nearby Main Dealer. They downloaded new software, and replaced one injector and coil, but warned that the other three cylinders were vulnerable. What happens if the next one goes on the M5?
Mine did ! And the next one went on the M4. Both times I managed to get to the hard shoulder, but the second time was a bit hairy. I have two coils and one injector still to be replaced - expensive car with a cheap and shoddy approach to repair ! Unfortunately, it's a fleet car, and they wont let me off early.