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Originally Posted by 1QuikWS6 View Post
OK, finally got the Euro Airbox Conversion finished on my 09' 328ix E92

Choice to do this was really a 'no brainer' as I simply swapped my entire factory airbox with entire Euro Airbox from another member (he needed the back half of my airbox to mate up with the GM Performance Airbox he had just purchased) so we each only paid shipping.

I don't really expect any realizable 'seat of the pants' performance gains, but I'm sure the car will breathe better now that the restrictive charcoal filter is gone (without having to do any surgery/cutting) and I am using the K&N E2022 round replacement filter in place of the factory paper version.

I did notice an increase in sound - in a good way!

Best advantage is that now to access filter, all I have to do is remove lid instead of disconnecting the entire airbox and then disassembling it to get to the filter.

Euro Airbox was a direct bolt-in on my 328 with absolutely no problems.

Here is a pic:

Where did you get the carbon fiber engine cover(#4)? I have a 328i (E92) and can't seem to find one.

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