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Drives: BMW 335i Auto Sedan
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1) 2008 Sedan BMW Automatic with Step
2) Temp 88-82 Degrees
3) AA downpipe, Vanguard Exhaust, HPF Intercooler, ESS Stage 2 Tune.
4) 91 Octane, A little bit under 1/4 Tank
5) After the first run my weight reducing was removing the passenger.
4) Stock Tires 17 inch Run Flats
5) Driving auto for awhile now, just 1st time at the track with this car.
6) I'm attaching pictures of the first two passes.
My first pass was a 13.2 with a passenger.
My second run was a 12.9 without a passenger.
My third run was 13.5 without a passenger, mainly due to no traction what so ever.

Do you guys have any suggestions to get a lower 1/4 mile time? All of the runs were done in sport mode and launching was on m2. My first run i launched at 1500, second at 1800, third at 2000 and i spun a lot. Each run i just floored it all the way down the strip.