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Originally Posted by CobraMarty View Post
If you pull in more air, wouldn't that make it lean and not rich? More hot air? I have the EURO air box and I recently had 'engine running rich bank 2 code' and other codes related to VANOS and dealer replaced Int. and Ex. vanos selenoids. No more code yet. I had the vanos codes twice before the EURO box and the dealer couldn't find the problem.
Yeah you are right.. Rich is too much fuel and not enough air, lean is too much air not enough fuel. In case of the AFE CAI the typical error code was engine running rich. I had this issue as well as some other AFE CAI users, I stopped getting the code as soon as I went back to my modified stock air box. I'm guessing (and it's only my guess) the fact that the AFE CAI is pulling in too much hot air might have been the cause of the code.
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