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Originally Posted by SCOTT26 View Post
Turbo charging is now an integral feature with BMW and therefore BMW M.
It is here to stay because BMW need it to increase efficiency in their vehicles.
i have no problem with turbocharging, i got an X3 with the 35i engine for my wife and she loves it. great engine.
but i was under the assumption that M stood for ultimate driving machine
not Efficient driving machine
just like mercedes, sure they have bluetec, and they have diesels etc
but that doesn't mean every car they make has to be efficient etc
look at AMG

i mean if turbocharging is done across the board on ALL BMWs
why am i paying that much more for the M?
just for a different tune on the ECU?
so from now on the difference between an M and a non M is a different ECU tune and a sticker on the engine that says "powered by M power"?
such a shame