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Originally Posted by AWD Addict View Post
It's not the damned gas. I'm so tired of hearing all these Service Departments saying it's bad gas. We have the highest quality gas in the world in the US, and most of us are buying high grade brand name gas anyways.

You'd think the entire supply of gas were shit by the way these guys throw that around.

Was it the bad gas that gummed up my valve train too? Give me a break. I think these cars are running pig rich, and the valving is suffering.

I'd bet dollars to donuts if they took of my valve covers again, they'd find the same gummed up mess.


I agree with you, we do have the highest quality gas here in North America. The SA are blaming their problems on gas rather then themselves. When i got my car towed into the dealership they said that i had the fuel level too low (I had a quarter of a tank left). I told them this never happen before and i had it lower than this before and its smooth. Then next day they told me it was the HPFP.