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Originally Posted by Perfectus View Post
Same thing happened to me after BMW replaced my spark plugs. I fought with them for a month before I gave up. I'm going to be replacing my sparks again soon after 25k miles on the current ones.

Did your COBB flash make it better or worse?
I replaced my spark plugs myself, so I couldn't tell them that at the dealership, they would just blame it on something stupid.

I'm almost certain that it is one of my coils, but I don't know which one. When I was replacing the spark plugs, I realized that the metal connector inside the coil was almost bound to the spark plug. I think that contact point on the coil is deformed and causes a connection problem with the new spark plug. I don't know why it would happen when the car is warm and at idle. But again, I am no expert on this, so it's just my speculation.

I don't think any tune would make a difference. It was the same when I had my Procede, and I still have it with no tune installed. I haven't tested it with Cobb because I haven't been able to flash my car yet due to some communication issues between AccessPort and my ECU. I'm waiting for Cobb to find a solution, Rob is working hard on it.