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Originally Posted by Hooy View Post
I'm a part of that forum, and they're mostly pricks. I think I'm the only E9x person on there. Everyone else is VW, a few Audi, a few E30.

Haha there was a thread where I posted my wheel setup of 18x8.5 w/ a 265/35 tire, and everyone went into Jihad mode about the tires being big. Unreasonably hostile, and a different scene from Bimmers. Haha, several of them told me to put 215's on instead.

But who knows, maybe you'd find the people to be great - luck of the draw I suppose.
I'm on there also. And Chris is right, they are pricks. My friends on there are cool though. They tell me that every meet they go to, they only take pictures of the 'cool' super dumped cars. I don't even bother going on that forum anymore. The girls and guys on there are total bitches. Excuse my language.

I wanna go to C&C but I'm lazy, and I also don't feel like driving my daily down there, so embarrassing. LOL. Anyone going to discovery greens later on day?

I like puppies. Thanks jz for the sig, lol.