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Originally Posted by STE92VE View Post
Can we get the sequence of opening drain plug, oil filter cap, oil fill cap?

I was under the impression if you open the oil fill cap before you open anything else, oil will flow out the top from internal pressure.

Can one of you guys set this straight?
ok this is how i do it

open oil cap

loosen up the filter

lift car on lift ( of course i'm at work)

drain oil

put new crush washer and plug drain hole back up

lower car

you can either fill the engine back up with oil then install filter or you can put the filter in first then fill engine with oil

when changing filter you should change the small o-ring at the end (they can break if you over tighten the oil filter. they will cause a major oil leak) and put on the bigger o-ring around the filter housing

start engine and check oil level

misc stuff i do :

top off washer fluid
top off coolant
set tire pressures to spec
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