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Originally Posted by urnuts View Post
I'll concede that most of you guys know more than I- but my AFE is fairly well sealed from the engine compartment.
The sides, and the top which has sort of a weather-striping that makes a pretty tight seal.
And then the "compartment" is fed cold air from the outside just as the oem airbox is. Am I crazy?
I understand that the air surrounding the filter is not "cold", but I would think that is is somewhat insulated from the engine compartment.
Jeez, I don't know.

You can see the filter, so I understand it's not "sealed" like the airbox would be, but it is sealed in the rear, sides, etc. But the area around the filter/intake should be constantly fed with cool air assuming the car is in motion, no?
No you are still pulling in hot air on low speeds.
Only way around it is to:
1. rig the piping and cone so that it sit in the wheel well, a setup my friend has in his Mustang
2. completly enclose the intake, so that it is shilded on all sides

And do this little experiment
1. open up your STOCK box and cut out the carbon filter.. install the box back into your car. drive around for 15min or so and then do a take off

2. drive around for 15min or so (making sure engine is fully warmed up) and then do a take off with you AFE CAI.. this is a great test to do especially on a really warm summer day. Then you will really see what heatsoak is all about.

post your results
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