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I was just there recently and sadly I was a bit disappointed with the service department. Not that I have any complaints about anyone in particular but just the way they are set up not to be very accommodating. You see I live far away from the dealership and have a long drive to get my car there for my scheduled appointments. Like many others who posted favorable reviews of JMK Sales, I bought my car there about four years ago because they gave me a decent deal. Better than anywhere else that I found in NJ. At the time I bought my car I asked if they gave loaner cars when I get my own car serviced, and they say they did. In fact they continue to advertise that when they send you the service reminders, etc. My disappointment kind of built up from my previous scheduled maintenance visits. I learned very early on, in fact the first time I brought my 335i coupe in, that they do not provide loaner cars for regular maintenance service. Instead they ask you to wait for the car and it took a considerable amount of time (i.e., 3 1/2 hours on my first visit). I remember because I had to miss my daughter's first basketball game. So it became sort of the routine for my subsequent service appointments. Plan for a long wait which unfortunately eats into your day or weekend. I figured, if they have to give regular maintenance for free, they'll find every possible way to recoup those losses by not giving you a loaner car and if you drive low mileage, like I do, you don't get an oil change for an entire year, etc. So my last visit should have been one of those regular visits but to my surprise they told me I had to leave my car because they had to do additional maintenance for a certain recall or factory recommended corrections/replacement. The problem was that it was a weekend and that the "loaner car" department was closed so I have to schedule a return on a weekday. Something I couldn't do because of my work hours. Besides the loaner car department closes at 6PM on weekdays. But what really ticked me off was while waiting in the waiting area before seeing my advisor I definitely saw an overheard them accommodating a lady with a loaner car because of some extensive repairs on her car. So I felt I just need to take my business elsewhere. I basically just had enough of the BS. Anyone know of a more accommodating service department in Northwestern, NJ? I want to extend my maintenance contract for another 2 years. Hopefully to cover my upcoming brake service.