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Governor @ 158mph Boooooooo

Ok im sure ill get flamed for this but i really dont care those that know me know I live my life on the edge everyday so keep your comments to yourself if you have nothing nice to say!!

(THis was done on a closed course do not try this at home)

OK here it goes...

I had the cruise control set a 95 mph and i was catching him.. I was like damb this guy is cruising too right on
so after about 20 min of being on a 4lane highway with NOONE on it i finally caught him and as soon I did that fool took off.. remember were already crusing 95/100 at this point. I was in 6th gear so I dropped it In 4th and caught him right away. we pulled to about 130 and he let off i was like half a car length behind him when i saw his car let off..
we cruised back down to about 90 and we had a HUGE downhilll coming I knew this guy was going to try and ditch me but the wasnt happening!
Were doing 90 he hits his lights 3 times and we both jump!! I jumped him a car length right away and started pulling him to about 130 and then we were side by side and I realized this guy was PISSED.. He started pulling me at 140 a car lenghth i was a whole car lenghth behind him till 150 then he pulled another car on me I was like fuck so I slammed it in 6th gear and as soon as it hit almost 160 the governor kicked in... It was like DEAD THROTTLE...I could keep my foot floored and he throttle would come back on as soon i hit 158. that guy must of went to 180 he pulled me 10 cars at least!
Damb vettes got top end like crazy!!!
Just thought id share Im PISSED OFF my car maxed out at 158 i really thought it would go faster!