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Got the Cobb AP yesterday and after about an hour of cursing and bitching I finally got it to work. Just a side note when doing the install I highly recommend doing it during the week during Cobb business hours. in case you run into a problem, I on the other hand installed it on a Friday night and I was about to leave my car at local shop because I couldn't get it to work and no tech support until Monday...

I'm putting together some Dyno sheets as well as my experience with installation and the tune comparison between my Dinan stg 2 vs Cobb AP. just wanted to put some of what happen on here.

I was also running a Dinan Stage 2 flash prior to install. my guess this is why I was having issues.
once updated I plugged the Cobb into the car, it start dumping my rom but of course failed. I was aware of this since I talked to Cobb before hand, so moving on. After the error I tried to flash the tune. after about 2% it stopped. it went into a recovery mode. followed the display prompts and started it again. again after 2% failed Communication error. ok shut everything off and tried again and again and again.... at this point the car will not start of course. oh I forgot to mention once it started the flash the car was acting weird. the wipers were going off and my car kept beeping (Door tone sound). i walked away from the car cursing. cooled down, took the Cobb to my computer and double checked it was updated. everything came back ok. I tried once again. after the 3rd time the Cobb started the recovery process it got to about 90% and failed. started again right after and it finally completed. once this was resolved I flash 91 map took about 8min and the car was ready. took it out for a drive and gave it about a good 15 mile run before pulling on it. felt nice, first thought was power feels very similar to Dinan stg 2 but picks up better and holds longer and the dyno pretty much shows it. I will create a thread with all the info.