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Originally Posted by mag12000x View Post
"What does the actual venting procedure do?"

Venting or "Bleeding" (Bentley Manual) is the system designed in the E9X to flush out any trapped air in the engine cooling system. Without it, you can cause damage to the engine by allowing it to run and creating "hot spots".

"Should the bleed screw be open while the pump is in the venting mode and running?"

No, the bleed screw should be opened for refilling purpose only, closed during 12minute bleeding cycle.

"I changed my coolant out and have run the venting procedure twice now, but my temps seem to be slightly higher than I recall before I did the flush."

What car do you have?, How are you checking your temperature? The E90 330i doesn't come with a temp gauge....
I understand the purpose of the venting procedure, but I don't understand how it actually accomplishes the venting.

I am basing my temps off the oil temps.

Vented twice at this point, oh well.