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Originally Posted by stephiee xO View Post
baby baby! my sister wants to get new ones.. cause hers are all scratched and gayy... how do u take old ones off and put new ones on? =XXXXXX (clueless -_-)
Here is a DIY thread

The back trunk is fast to remove, but the front roundel takes some effort to pull out ( I used two ribbons and a paper name card ).

The thread shown using a plastic card and screw driver.... preventing scratching your car paint, I used a paper name card to slide underneath the roundel than slide a ribbon behind the card underneath the roundel..... and start pulling. I'll use two ribbon to balance the pull ... do it slowly as I pulled too hard and break one studs ... end up drilling away the broken stubs that got stuck in my car.

I don't think glueing the roundel is a good idea as I don't want them to damage my paint as the roundels are cheap to replace.US$45 for cf maybe $20 for normal ones. Hope the roundel thieft uses the above method ...instead of a screw driver.