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Originally Posted by HereAgain View Post
Okay Guys (& Gals),

I took mine in (330i Aug 5, 2005 Build Date) for the scheduled v25.x.x Progman update on Tuesday as scheduled and picked it up Wednesday. However, before I got out of the service drive I noticed that the Voice Recognition did not work, so I drove back in. They then kept my car another day and, according to them, the Shop Foreman fiddled with the programing and I picked it up this morning with the VR working. I was not able to get the exact Progman Version from them, however, and my CA was not there for me to badger for the version number. I'm going to call her on Monday and see if I can beg it out of her.

Anyway, I just got home with it and what I can tell you so far is the VR is much more accurate; I don't have to yell at it anymore. And the interface is really nice, the color(s) blend much better with the black dash, etc. Also the response time is way faster. So far I am pleased.

If any of you have any specific functionality checks you'd like me to make for you, let me know and I'll do my best. But bottom line, IMO, the upgrade is well worth it. And hopefully I can get the Progman version for reference on Monday. If I can, I will, of course, post it here.

I love iDrive!

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