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Refitting a steering rack - errors

Pulled my rack down to get it out the way for fitting downpipes (mine is RHD so it had to come right down) and in the process it popped out the splines at the steering column.

Was nightmare fitting the pipes and when we went to put the rack back in the mountings we realised it must have came out these splines as it wasn't lining up corectly.

We spotted it had came out the splines so popped it back in but I think it might have been a spline out cos after a short drive we had the DSC failure/Brake Warning/Tyre pressure monitor failure and cruise won't work as it thinks DSC is not working!! I got a fault code in the DSC relating to the steering.

Question is if its a spline out of sync will it have casued this or is there some sensor or switch on the rack we may have upset?