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Originally Posted by ns2000x View Post
Yep, April 11th. That would be the Faust. Currently it is passing Ireland on its way in to the middle of the Atlantic.

I did European Delivery so I put my name, and my car's VIN in here:

This gives me all the dates and the Vessel name.

Then I use this:

Dynamic link:

Is your car arriving at Otto's or Elite? Mine will go through Elite.
Because my car has already been delivered I'm anticipating that the PDI shouldn't take too long to install the plates, and add the Canadian maps to the Nav.

I'll be tracking my car on the train (with the help of another forum member) once it hits halifax. I'll let you know if you like to give you an idea of when your car will be in Ottawa too.

When our cars come in if you are still interested I'll mention it to Andrew at Shades that perhaps he could shave a little off of the cost for the two or three of us.

Like you he did my 2003 Audi that I sold two weeks ago, and it still looked great. He also did my wife's GTi and it is the best "to the edge of the glass" tint job I've ever seen. As well both times when I've gotten my new cars back from him, they were clean, with no water stains on the door panels or the like. Things I have noticed on friends cars tinted at other Ottawa locations.
My car will be arriving at Otto's and, yes, I would appreciate if you give me some details of how to track the car while on train.
As for Andrew.... he HAS to give us some discount. Now we are up to three and it is good for his full day of work. BTW, how long have you been waiting for your M3? I placed an order for my on Dec-20!!! I had to return my G35 (end of lease) 2 weeks ago and I am running out of patience a bit. To add to it is that I will be leaving for vacation on Apr-16 and most likely I will not have it before I go.
Are you coming to Otto's X1 promotion on Tuesday?