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Originally Posted by laser99 View Post
My car will be arriving at Otto's and, yes, I would appreciate if you give me some details of how to track the car while on train.
As for Andrew.... he HAS to give us some discount. Now we are up to three and it is good for his full day of work. BTW, how long have you been waiting for your M3? I placed an order for my on Dec-20!!! I had to return my G35 (end of lease) 2 weeks ago and I am running out of patience a bit. To add to it is that I will be leaving for vacation on Apr-16 and most likely I will not have it before I go.
Are you coming to Otto's X1 promotion on Tuesday?
Placed my order December 10th. It took BMW Canada 5 weeks to confirm my requested European Delivery date (March 9th). Which I later moved to better align with my flights to March 14th. So I got to drive my car around Munich which was a lot of fun, but the Christmas shut down really drags out orders at this time. I did pretty well leading up to the ED. But the past (16 days) since I dropped my car off are killing me.

I won't be able to track your car on the train, but I'll an associate if they can confirm your cars location too (you need to have a CN customer account).

I won't be at the X1 day on Tuesday.

My Audi sold two weeks ago. So I'm driving a crap 1 month rental car. It is the worst.

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