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Originally Posted by mcanderson0 View Post
Childish and classless? Right, all the Ferraris and Lambos were soooo classless! Just cuz a couple of dumbshits wreck their cars is reason not to go see the other 99% of people that are responsibly showing their cars? Pleeeease...
I would easily guess theres just as many 'kids' on this forum with their parents money that couldnt independently afford their cars...
Just sayin.
I enjoyed the meet... except for the damn rain!
I'm one of the 'kids' on the forum, but I don't ask for my parents money for anything. My parents bought me my first car for $3k and that's it. I drove it for a year and a half. Then I sold that, and bought myself a 'better' car, modded it, drove it a little more. Then purchased a beater, so I wouldn't have to daily my other car and worry about it being stolen. Right now, I'm trying to sell my modded car and drive my beater until it dies, and get a 335i or M3 depending on how much I have once my beater dies. Hell, I might settle for a cayenne gts. I'm in no rush. (:


But yeah, I don't have a bmw. I just lurk this forum cause I love them so much, lol.

Originally Posted by youngnastyman View Post
Litos - They do. I'm a friend of Dave at Secret Services and I can vouch for these guys they are among the elite in Houston when it comes to performance tuning (especially turbo cars).

In fact, once I get all my boltons installed I will be going with the COBB AP route and will eventually have it tuned at SSA (once they become a Cobb ProTuner)
For performance tuning I trust ILR, he's tuned my si. It just sucks he does mainly imports. Fastlane does domestics, but Jason (st00pid) tunes them, and he's a badass turbo guy. There's more shops out there that tune cars, it's just I trust Huy or Jason.

For BMW/MB there's a guy named Jerry from Eurocharged. He tuned my ex bf's E55.

I like puppies. Thanks jz for the sig, lol.