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My alias, Thanks for your reply. I took mine in over the weekend to have the CAT fault code cleared, nothing else was on the system in terms of fault codes. Drove the car over the weekend and it was still doing its judder under light throttle so Its gone back in today. My dealer has been great and diagnosed problems with coils etc.. and have sorted me a car while we wait for parts. All I can hope is that once completed I will be one of the lucky ones which has no more problems.

Oily73, in reference to the steam, I think the faulty o2 sensor was causing the car to run richer hence the steam when cold outside, since that has been changed the steam thing went away, the problem I had with long starting also went as I think this may have been due to fuel left in the cylinders as it was running to rich causing almost a flooded engine scenario when it came to starting. since the sensor was changed the car was running as it should but as this meant leaner, it emphasised the other faults causing the jerkyness.

Jotty, sorry to here you are having a fresh batch of symptoms! What so annoying is that without this problem the 320i (I have the coupe) is a fabulous car to drive. I hope you get it sorted!

To everyone, during periods of time when everything is ok, does anybody still have the thing where at idle 650rpm the car can sometimes shudder or during these times should it be rock solid with no feeling when your sat in the seat?