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Originally Posted by ns2000x View Post
Nothing sinister. Just playing up his 'everyone-drives-a-328-wanna-be-baller-comment' as it relates to inviting my 328i owning friend along to a meet.

My time in my rental car is reminding me with an abject lesson that a 323 is a bazzilion times better than a lot of cars out there, and perhaps we should be giving the thumbs up to our fellow E9X driving city-mates vs. lumping everyone in the "Everyone thinks they're a baller in their 3 series now." category.

BTW - TheRox (sorry no space) I appreciate your grammatical prowess in the above quote. On the general forums they're a, and their would have completely alluded 75% of the forum members it seems.
??? grammar? i have more important things to do bud. that last line was beyond me

Like I said I personally like the 3 series for the value...I have quite a lot of respect for the 323 and 328.

Its when I see a 335 that i say -- this chap overpaid.