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Originally Posted by ns2000x View Post
Placed my order December 10th. It took BMW Canada 5 weeks to confirm my requested European Delivery date (March 9th). Which I later moved to better align with my flights to March 14th. So I got to drive my car around Munich which was a lot of fun, but the Christmas shut down really drags out orders at this time. I did pretty well leading up to the ED. But the past (16 days) since I dropped my car off are killing me.

I won't be able to track your car on the train, but I'll an associate if they can confirm your cars location too (you need to have a CN customer account).

I won't be at the X1 day on Tuesday.

My Audi sold two weeks ago. So I'm driving a crap 1 month rental car. It is the worst.

I feel your pain but, at least, you had good time with your car already. I yet to see mine..... Did you consider full clear bra for your M3 or just standard one?